Live Sex Interview of Sucheta – the Tamil Mallu South babe


(1) Do you enjoy working with INDIASEXTALK.COM?
-> Yes! I am enjoying my stay on INDIASEXTALK.COM with absolute pleasure.

(2) How long have you been working for INDIASEXTALK.COM?
-> I have been working for INDIASEXTALK.COM since 4 years.

(3) What are your hobbies?
-> I like to watch movies and also some sketching. These are my hobbies but I do not get much time for it as I am into sexual stuff much more. However, I like romantic novels as well. One of the things which I consider as a hobby is giving sex tips. I understand the problems of sexual life and anyone going through it can seek my help and get the query sorted out.

(4) Are you single / married / engaged?
-> Main abhi Single hoon.

(5) Does your partner know about it?
-> No, I don’t have a partner so no one knows yet.

(6) Do you love to talk about Sex?
-> I absolutely love to talk about Sex. It gives me satisfaction and joy to discuss about sex, have naughty talks and much more.

(7) What are your fantasies?
-> My fantasies are bit of a mix between romantic nature and sexual instincts. I imagine my man to treat me with respect and yet win me over that I welcome his cock to my pussy and I do it with passion and a sense of extreme want. I want to try different sex positions with him and I am open to explore further with him. I want to feel him over me and feel his lips meeting mine and he losing his control and kissing me all over combined with wet kisses. I will wish the atmosphere around us is a bit of filmy types. I should stop! If I continue speaking everything here what will my callers talk on call so I am controlling myself now!

(8) Do you masturbate, when you are on call, talking about sex?
-> Yes, I do like to masturbate during sexy calls if I get aroused through our conversation. India_Sex_Talk_Sucheta_9

(9) What do you do when you get high?
-> I turn up to INDIASEXTALK.COM when I turn high and have my pleasure exchanged with some lovely caller and I arouse him with all my heart and makes sure he is so happy that he gets erotic and loses his control to convey me his feelings and explain what is happening to him down there in his pants. I feel ecstatic when I am the reason for a boy’s hard cock.

(10) Are you bisexual?
->Nahi, main bisexual nahi hoon.

(11) What do you like to do in your free time?
-> In my free time, I like to do gardening. I am close to nature and like greenery around me. It feels wonderful to be in such an atmosphere. Apart from that, I like movies, songs, sketching and I like romantic novels.

(12) What kind of men you are attracted to?
-> I like men who knows how to arouse a girl and have a sexy conversation without getting absolutely dirty. I feel there should be a certain amount of respect and an element of romance while two people are talking. Being too dirty in language or some explicit or unnatural way takes away that charm and removes the romance between those two people. I like honest men who can dare to admit what they really want and also express themselves without hesitation.

(13) Do you watch porn?
-> Yes, I do watch porn and I watch different types of videos as I am interested to know about all the themes and scenarios in which sex can happen.

(14) Are you doing cam sex in INDIASEXTALK.COM?
-> No, I am not doing cam sex in INDIASEXTALK.COM.

(15) Do you moan while having phone sex?
-> Yes, I do moan if I am aroused and I have the urge to let go and relax.

(16) Do you like to dominate your sex partner on bed?
-> I wouldn’t mind if my sex partner wants to but otherwise I won’t like to dominate but will want him to be the one taking lead on bed.

(17) What do you think, which position is best in sex?
-> Mujhe ye lagta hain, Doggy-Style sabse best pose hain sex mein.

(18) What do you think which parts of female’s body men get most attracted to?
-> I feel men get attracted to their lips, hairstyle, boobs and butt. However, I also feel the real attraction lies in the way a girl presents herself. Her body language, talking way, attitude and nature all contribute towards making and most importantly keeping the man attracted towards the girl.

(19) Do you have Regular phone sex callers? Do they call you back again?
-> Yes, I have regular sex calls. Most, of my callers call me back not only once but again and again as apart from doing sex chat I also provide solutions to their sexual problems, give them sexual tips and also understand their emotional and family worries in case someone is stressed out and wants to share with trust.

(20) Have you made Group Sex ever Or Threesome?
-> Nahi, maine Group Sex ya Threesome nahi kiya hain.

(21) Do you love to give blowjobs to your Sex Partner?
-> Yes, I love to give blowjobs to a sex partner. I like to kneel down before the guy and the guy holding my head and guiding it towards his cock and then patting my head while I am sucking his cock makes me feel wonderful and satisfied. Cum swallowing is something which I have always been interested in as I like the taste of men’s cum.

(22) How can you attract your man?
-> I am not an amateur in sex. I understand what a man wants and how his needs change depending upon when he is aroused and when he isn’t. I exactly know how to react to a man while he is aroused. My knowledge about sex and my understanding, caring, romantic nature with a blend of eroticism and sensuousness makes me attract a man quite easily and charm him and win him over.

(23) Which part of your body is more attractive?
-> I am completely attractive and I maintain my figure. Yet, if I had to choose one then I would say my boobs are the most attractive part of my body. My boobs are 34B Cup size, Curvy and firm with my sexy nipples.

(24) Do you touch yourself during the call? Do you really enjoy that?
-> Haan main khudke jism ko chuna pasand karti hoon call ke waqt jab sexy baatien chal rahi ho. Main apne nipples masalti hoon aur baatein garam ho to chut bhi ragadti hoon. Mujhe aisa karke bahut maza aata hain.

(25) What is the most wildest thing you ever did?
-> I have done a lot of wild things as a part of my sexual journey. From losing my virginity till now. Some things are better when said during the call conversation. Answering it here will spoil the fun. Get to know me and talk to me to know all my secrets. I am waiting for you to come and let me “Spill the Beans”!